MACBAR - Azucarillo cafeteria Macba

Packaging for the sugar of MACBA bar. Inspired by Gewürzkasten of Dieter Roth.

In his long relationship with foodstuffs and organic matter as artistic material, Dieter Roth has incorporated such diverse and unusual elements as chocolate, cheese, sugar, birdseed, hamburgers and chips, turning them into pictorial material. He was interested in the process of transformation, the idea of putrefaction and the aggressive smell of decay. Although the piece invites a visual reading of the different colours and textures of the various layers of overlapping spices, seen behind glass like a landscape, the work primarily addresses a sense often overlooked in the visual arts: smell.

All the information has been organized like a description of a piece of art. When you open de sugar lump you can read his next quote ‘For me, smell is the great vehicle of memory.’ and you will feel instantly interested about his works. Surprised you will understand that it is a plantable paper because is made of seeds. Why don't plant this paper at home and see how it is work with organic transformations like the method of Dieter Roth.  

Tutor: Martín Azúa, Eva Minguella

Máster en Diseño de Packaging | Elisava, Barcelona